Meet Sawyer Brown

Shayne Hill    Lead Guitar

Shayne Hill of Sawyer Brown

Shayne Hill is lead guitar of Sawyer Brown.

Born:                         March 21 around 1970
Birthplace:                 South Dakota
Hair Color:                Light Brown  lets hope he doesn't cut it
Eyes:                          Hazel
Left or right handed:  Left
Marital Status:           Married
Favorite junk food:    Kids cereal (like Capt Crunch), Peanut Butter
Hobbies:                    Horses, skiing, racketball, tennis, and working out in the gym.
                                  He is a movie buff. Prefers Zoolander and Airplane

               Shayne sang his first song on stage at the age of six years, this was before a packed house at a huge Christmas Party in Spearfish, South Dakota. Being well received on your first public appearance and doing your performance with no errors is a big plus, as it seems to help build that confidence you need to "go for it" from that point on. Shayne never lacked courage and always seems to rise to any opportunity presented.

               From the age of twelve years on he played in a band. His first band was a weekend band with his Uncle, mother, dad and sister. This band performed for seven years as "Country Pride", at which time the decision was made to go full time, and the band name was changed to "Wild West ." The band was still family with the exception of Shayne's uncle, the steele guitarist, who stayed behind. The player who replaced Uncle Dale was a keyboard man, so Shayne picked up steele guitar as another of his instruments. Throughout the ten years Shayne played with Wild West he traveled from coast to coast, and spent some time in Canada. Shayne played lead guitar, but switched to fiddle and steele as needed to capture what was going on in the music being covered.

               Approximately five years ago Shayne was offered a writing deal, and Bobby Randall, Sawyer Brown's first lead guitar way back when they were first starting out, urged him to move to Nashville. This led to a summer with Myla Mason, three years with Chely Wright and the privilege of playing with Christian groups Avalon, Mark Schultz, Nicole Nordeman, and Zoey girls, to mention only a few.

               Shayne is loving every minute of the shows with Sawyer Brown and truly grateful to be where he is and be able to meet the fans first hand. Entertaining for Shayne has always been as much about meeting folks as it has been about playing for them. I'm sure Shayne's dad, who passed away Oct. 07, 2003 is smiling as he watches the Sawyer Brown show, and proud that his son is a part of it

               After a bit of research we found that Shayne loves his Mini Bicomp and modified TS9, BD2, and SD1.

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